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Quiz: Introduction to the Respiratory System

  1. The sole activity of the respiratory system is breathing.
  2. The exchange of gases between the blood and tissue cells is external respiration.
  3. Air flows in the process of pulmonary ventilation because of pressure differences between the atmosphere and the gases inside the lungs.
  4. Intrapleural pressure is the pressure inside the alveoli of the lungs while intraalveolar pressure is the pressure within the pleural cavity.
  5. The amount of air that is exchanged during one cycle varies with age, sex, size, and physical condition.
  6. External nares are two openings through which air enters the nasal cavity from the outside.
  7. Nasal cavities are air spaces within the skull.
  8. The upper part of the pharynx lets only air pass through. Lower parts permit air, foods, and fluids to pass.
  9. The pharynx plays an essential role in human speech.
  10. The right lung and the left lung are the same in size. However, the right lung has three lobes while the left lung has two lobes.