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Quiz: Introduction to the Urinary System

  1. The urinary system is sometimes referred to as the excretory system because one aspect of its function is to rid the body of waste products.
  2. The organs of the urinary system are the only ones that contribute to the excretory function.
  3. The urinary system controls red blood cell production by secreting the enzyme renin.
  4. The kidneys are the organs that filter the blood, remove the wastes, and excrete the wastes in the urine.
  5. The cortex and medulla make up the parenchyma, or functional tissue, of the kidney, which contains over a million nephrons.
  6. The renal pelvis is a large cavity that collects the urine as it is produced.
  7. The main function of the inner layer of the ureter, the mucosa, is peristalsis to propel the urine.
  8. The internal and external urethral sphincters control the flow of urine through the urethra.